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राष्ट्रीय कौशल प्रशिक्षण संस्थान | National Skill Training Institute

(Formerly Advanced Training Institute)

AN ISO 29999:2010 Institute

भारत सरकार/कौशल विकास एवं उद्यमिता मंत्रालय

Government of India/Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

Directorate General of Training (DGT)



About Our Institute
AN ISO 29990:2010 Institute

The National Skill Training Institute (NSTI) AN ISO 29990:2010 Institute, formerly known as Advanced Training Institute (ATI) for Instructors was set up by the Government of India in the year 1960 with the objective to train primarily the existing untrained Vocational Instructors.
Initially, the Institute started functioning in the Industrial Training building at Pandu Nagar, Kanpur. Later on, the Institute acquired 45 acres of land at Govind Nagar, which is in the southern part of Kanpur City, and constructed its own building. The Institute was subsequently shifted from ITI to its present building in the year 1965.
This is a prestigious Institute in the Northern Region functioning with the objective of meeting the training demands of Industries/Institutions in the country. The campus of the Institute is having well equipped Workshop, Laboratories, Administrative Building, Audio Visual Section, Library, Traniees’ Hostel, Dispensary, Staff quarters etc.
In the context of rapid industrial expansion in the country, it became necessary that knowledge and skill of existing workmen were updated and upgraded, so that the trained manpower may be utilized in upcoming and Advanced skilled areas with competence and confidence. With the objective to meet with the growing demand of highly skilled technician, the Government of India Ministry of Labour, with the assistance of UNDP/ILO introduced the scheme of "Advanced Vocational Training System" in the year 1978. Accordingly, with the introduction of this Scheme, the CTI was upgraded/developed to National Skill Training Institute (NSTI).
Since eighties, Industrial development/expansion has been faster than before. Computers, NC/CNC machines, Electro Hydraulic & Electro Pneumatic Controls, Robotics, Microprocessors etc. have been adopted by most of the industries. In order to meet with the training needs arisen due to introduction and application of sophisticated technology in the production process, it became necessary to further develop and expand the existing AVTS. Accordingly, Government of India, Ministry of Labour & Employment introduced scheme for training in the highly Advanced skill areas of NC/CNC, Electronics Maintenance System, etc. with the assistance of UNDP/ILO/World Bank. Necessary infra structural facilities were created and courses started.
Keeping in pace with the rapid growth of industrialization and use of sophisticated technology all over the world, NSTI, Kanpur, subsequently upgraded its training activities to match the industrial requirement and accordingly Hi-Tech CNC, Control Technology and PLC were introduced during the year 2000 to 2003.
Presently Hi-Tech CNC is equipped with CNC Horizontal and Vertical Machine Centre (HMC 500 and VMC 500) with Sinumerik 840 D and Fanuc OM Control. Control Technology provides Hydraulic and pneumatic Control System with PLC of Festo Controls, Simulation of Hydraulic and pneumatic Control Circuit is also available.
PLC Laboratory under the Advanced Electronics Section is equipped with GE-Fanuc PLC System with training modules of "V.I. Micro System, Chennai" for simulation of Traffic Lights, Bottling Plant, DC Motor Control etc.


  •  Development of skill and training methodology of the trainers from state directorates, who in turn will train and make available skilled manpower for Industries.
  •   To ensure steady flow of skilled workers to the Industry in different trades.
  •  To raise the quality and quantity of Industrial production by systematic training of potential workers.
  •  To enhance employability of educated youth through training for skilled and supervisory jobs.
  •  To upgrade and update the skills of technical personnel of Industries/ Government Departments and Organizations for diversification in production and for keeping them abreast with the technological Advancedment.
  •  To conduct need based training program for Industries, Departments and Organizations in the form of Tailor Made program.
  •  Rendering consultancy in training / production techniques.